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What's New?

2005-07-05 pftp isn't dead: It was a way to long time since any releases was made. But the CVS code has a lot of bugs fixed, just haven't got the time to bug-test it enougth to release it...
So, check out the CVS :)
2005-01-16 Links updated: A couple of broken links were fixed and a link to DarwinPorts was added.
2004-11-16 libpftp 0.6 released: Fixes some ugly memory bugs
2004-11-01 CVS tarballs: Now working again. Moved the CVS around a bit to this release, so had to rebuild the script.
2004-11-01 0.3 released: A ton of bugs fixed. Libraries had a makeover, including name change and a better, cleaner interface.
2004-10-10 A small update: pftp-gtk has moved a little futher and some simple but irritating bugs fixed in pftp-cli and libutil. Should maybe go for a stable soon, 0.2 starts to get very old.
2004-08-14 3 Nasty bugs found in version 0.2: Don't use the 0.2 release, download CVS sources instead. Why? Bug #1: Corrupt uploaded files at low speeds. Bug #2: Missed and forgot server responses. Bug #3: Segfault if any file in filelisting was wider than terminal window.
2004-08-14 News page destroyed: The news page of PFTP was destroyed last night, while we were using one of our update-scripts. We apologize for any inconvenience. Measures have been taken to make sure this does not happen again.
2004-03-16 First taste of PFTP: Now there is a first taste of PFTP up in the CVS, for all hackers out there. There is not yet a User Interface, but thou shalt not fear, because you can still play around with libftp.

Project status

  • Stable release: ---
  • 0.x tree: 0.3
  • CVS update: 2007-02-11

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